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Hey all,
I saw someone share a full caching service, so I thought I’d also share this pattern I use for making expensive API requests.
Basically, I save the contents to a file, named for the inputs, so I never have to reproduce that same call.
It helps make my scripts “continueable”
I use similar pattern with other expensive APIs like e ...
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Two years ago, I didn't even know how to unzip a file. I didn't know what terminal was. I hadn't done math in 5 + years and I had never seen code in my life.

I am a guitarist, multidisciplinary artist and composer. So far from computer science. I have a bachelor's in jazz guitar. Hahaha. I went back to school in a condensed program an ...
Hey all,
I posted earlier about my open source repo that converts subreddits into podcasts.
I released a new episode of my podcast today, generated from the top comments in the weekly thread on /r/crowdcast
Wanted to share it here, and hope to get feedback on anything at all.
All of the prompt ...
I started teaching myself programming in early 2022 after spending a year out of college working a low-paying job that I hated while having absolutely no plan for my career. I initially wanted to become a Physician's Assistant, but after graduation, I decided that the medical field wasn't for me. I never took a single programming or Computer Scienc ...
There’s good reason to fear that A.I. systems like ChatGPT and GPT4 will harm democracy. Public debate may be overwhelmed by industrial quantities of autogenerated argument. People might fall down political rabbit holes, taken in by superficially convincing bullshit, or obsessed by folies à deux relationships with machine personalities that don’t r
Elon Musk’s platform may be hell, but it’s also where huge amounts of reputational and social wealth are invested. All of that is in peril.
Ina Fried / Axios: Unlike Getty Images, Adobe says it will sell stock images made by artists who used generative AI programs like Dall-E, but requires images be labeled as such  —  Adobe is opening its stock images service to creations made with the help of generative AI programs like Dall-E and Stable Diffusion, the company tells Axios.
Ashley Gold / Axios: Meta begins testing age verification tools on Facebook Dating, letting users upload video selfies or IDs, following successful tests on Instagram  —  Meta is testing age verification tools on Facebook Dating, a move the company says will make the product safer, per an announcement shared exclusively with Axios.
Kenrick Cai / Forbes: Runway, one of the two startups behind Stable Diffusion, raised a $50M Series C led by Felicis Ventures; sources: Runway's valuation is $500M, and ARR is ~$1M  —  Runway ML, one of the two startups behind the popular AI text-to-image model Stable Diffusion, has raised new funding at a $500 million valuation, Forbes has learned
Financial Times: A look at FTX's historical ties to Hong Kong, where SBF cultivated ties to wealthy families, and how Alameda-owned Genesis Block helped raise cash  —  Genesis Block helped Sam Bankman-Fried's group access hard cash and onboard wealthy clients  —  At Sam Bankman-Fried's 29th birthday in March last year …
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