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A thought I had today. I’ve recently joined the creative department (6 months in) after a few years in account management at pretty big agency. While it has been fun, it’s definitely less glitzy and sexy on the day to day than I’d thought from when I was watching from the outside, and some days are a bit slow, as are all jobs.
This got me thinki ...
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Sound Name – # Videos – Trend Category – Viral Status
1. Dankojin – 8.6k – Audio Acting – New Foam 2. Heart Shape – 40k – Audio Situation – Emerging3. Austin Farwell – 87k – Cap Cut Template – Emerging4. UH HAH – 10k – Dance – Emerging5. Man Made a Bar – 32k – Audio Acting –Emerging
Sound Name – # Videos – Trend ...
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#Top 5 Updates of last Week:
* Tiktok US hearing was talk of the week and it was a complete mess. * Instagram’s new Ad format “reminder Ads” to get reminders about brand events. * YouTube adds new design features to customise your YT channels & gather more user attention. * Twitter to kill earned legacy blue check marks, only paid blue checks w ...
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I was just listening to Vanessa Lau on YouTube arguing that company's/marketers should be focusing on YouTube shorts now in case of a TikTok ban (I'm in the U.S.). What's your take on that? I just started my company and have put all my effort into TikTok, as IG Reels have been very disappointing to me in terms of reach, engagement etc. (also deal ...
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Hi, guys! Sometimes I run out of ideas for my company's blog or guest posts. Would like to know where you take ideas on what to write next. ...
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I am looking for marketing (and any subcateogry) literature possibly with young or modern authors. What can you suggest me?
I quite liked Marketing 4.0 by Kotler while I have found his other book "principles of marketing" as quite dated. I would like to read a few books of marketing in general plus another few of interesting marketing subcategor ...
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I know how time-consuming it is for content marketers to create video content, so I want to recommend Opus Clip to you all!
It is a generative AI video repurposing tool that turns long video into viral short clips in one click, powered by OpenAI's latest GPT and our proprietary curation algorithm.
It's created to help content marketers creat ...
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I posted recently about an AI tool that scores your IG Reels/TikTok/YT Shorts posts before you post them. It ranks your thumbnails and analyzes your caption using AI (two biggest engagement drivers for short-form video). It’s something my team at school have built.
We’re close to being finished with the tool and we’d love to test it out on you ...
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I spend the last ~10 months absolutely miserable at a terrible agency. I was lured by good pay and big clients and pretty quickly realized it wasn’t for me. If it was just “not great,” that could have been fine, but it quickly got terrible and toxic. I was constantly unhappy, stressed, over worked, and after all that — pegged as an underperformer. ...
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I got laid off today 5 days before my probation completion saying that my performance was not up to mark. No communication until today. Is this silent layoff? My manager has been missing and is not responding to my messages or calls. Not even involved in my termination call. I’m so shocked and it’s very difficult to take in. ...
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Hey everyone,
So I recently got laid off from my job as a digital marketer. I've been working in the field in different niches for a couple of years, so I think I have what it takes to do it on my own. I just have a few questions:
1. Should I do it by freelancing with sites like Upwork and Fiverr or make my own website and do it as a busines ...
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I have been a customer of one big email sending platform for years, let's call them MailMonkey. But I started to get rather frustrated with their pricing always increasing with very few improvements that I could tell. In the end, I was paying over $300 usd per month just to send out my newsletter once per week.
So, when they announced yet anothe ...
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As a content marketing freelancer, I've been struggling to grow my LinkedIn profile. I only have a handful of followers right now, and it's getting quite frustrating. 😣
I've been putting in the effort to share valuable content, engage with others, and make meaningful connections, but I'm not seeing the results I hoped for. I'd love to hear any ...
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Myself and my AD partner have recently moved from a big name traditional advertising agency to a smaller (but still successful) social media agency, with the idea being that we can help them bring in more traditional, high paying accounts, instead of lower paying, lower budget social-only accounts.
While that all sounds nice... I feel a big part ...
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I've found a **lot** of posts asking for Discords, but the only ones I found were either dead, or huge and definitely focused on selling to its members.
I created this server with one goal in mind: being able to surround myself (and other members) with like-minded agency owners/members that want somewhere to share experiences and ask for he ...
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Link is here
1) if someone has access, can you post the article text here?
2) if your agency is doing it, how’s it going so far? Was it hard to get buy-in? If you sold it i ...
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I know audio is pretty popular for content marketing folks, so I thought I would share a quick bit of advice based on my experience starting a new podcast.
Here's how I found my first three:
1. **Asking friends.** I asked a startup founder friend of mine to be the first guest, just to make sure that I had something to show people when I went ...
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I am planning on buying a Instagram account, after checking it has good engagement, constantly posts, and if everything seems good and there aren't any red flags I will be aming a purchase. Are their any websites that are reliable where I can go an buy Instagram accounts?
Thank You a Ton to each and everyone of you! I was r ...
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I have been building a tool called EcomTrendFinder. I am grabbing Amazon internal search data and filtering TB's of data to find trends.
Here are 3 I found with the tool last week:
**#1 "Human dog beds" 1209.60% Growth in last 90 days**
**The Scoop:**
Yes, we want to sleep in our dog's bed now. If your memory foam mattress is not enough ...
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