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I am not even particularly old, barely 30, just half-set in my life (or so I thought) but learning programming feels like it opened completely new pathways in my brain and it has this characteristic that it is really good at feeding one's curiosity. Learning never stops with this. Amazing. ...
Hello all,
I've been moderating /r/learnprogramming for a few years now, and I feel that it's time to step down.
Normally I'd just exit quietly, as I don't think most users care who their mods are. But due to the current situation on Reddit, I did want to make sure to be clear about a few things up-front, so I decided to make this post before ...
Dear Community!
First things first:
#Do not message the moderators asking for permission to post or comment as there will be no exceptions.
We also do not know how long this will be going. So, no need to ask us.
In the last couple days you may have learnt that many subreddits have gone private to protest the planned ridiculously ...
Hi all -- /r/learnprogramming will be going dark on June 12th for at least two days in support of the protests around the recent changes made to Reddit's API.
After this period, the mod team will internally discuss next steps, balancing our desires to both (a) participate in the protests in a meaningful way and (b) uphold our core mission of hel ...
In school we learned basic things like Scratch and Python (Pygame). I was also in a competition but I wasn't coding, I was just doing problem solving (I did pretty good with 9/10 points)
I know that there are full stack, back end and front end developers. I'm just not sure do I want to be a game dev or web dev or something else... Can somebody m ...
Hey all,
I saw someone share a full caching service, so I thought I’d also share this pattern I use for making expensive API requests.
Basically, I save the contents to a file, named for the inputs, so I never have to reproduce that same call.
It helps make my scripts “continueable”
I use similar pattern with other expensive APIs like e ...
Hey all,
I posted earlier about my open source repo that converts subreddits into podcasts.
I released a new episode of my podcast today, generated from the top comments in the weekly thread on /r/crowdcast
Wanted to share it here, and hope to get feedback on anything at all.
All of the prompt ...
First of all, this is a “look what I made post” — but I’m gonna try to add enough “how to” bonus stuff at the end to make it worth your while and less spammy.
Wanted to share this code I co-wrote with ChatGPT.
It’s ...
So for a college project,my group has to do reasearch and write code for copa TCP congestion control but we are stuck because of lack of information on the internet. Can anyone provide useful links and code for the same so that it could be run in Ubuntu. It can be done using python or c/c++. Thanks in advance. ...
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