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There are 3 cofounders:
sales (45% equity)
product (35% equity)
tech (20% equity) -> me

problem is, the sales guy brings really little to the table. he hasn't made a single sale, which at part is because the product is at a rough MVP stage, but his primary role is sales and he hasn't delivered a single result.
it's mostly me ...
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After years of nothing, my startup is finally taking off. I’ve only ever held developer roles and I’ve built our product entirely alone for years (with a few pivots).
I suspect my role is going to start to change as we scale and I’d like to be prepared for it. What books can you recommend to help a low level developer grow into becoming a great ...
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Usually I see post of people with idea looking for technical cofounder, my scenario is actually the oposite. I am developer and I would love to give my all in a business of my own and make things work. But I haven ever had an idea I actually believed in, how should I approach finding a co-found with an idear and domain knowledge? ...
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And for those who wonder what I mean by zero. Sure anyone can scrap up a few hundred bucks but clearly that’s nothing compared to startups with funding.
Slight context of the business: It is a platform for people who provide a service to be found in a smart and efficient way. So it’s profitable for type A users to be on it. And it’s convenient ...
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Hi folks! I want to support creators like myself and I will create free basic kit for your startup. Here is a link to my previous work.
**How to submit a request:** Send your name, email and visual preferences here
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We are excited to announce the launch of, a project born from our desire to give back to the startup community. is a completely free, collaborative, non-profit project. No account required, no premium plans, no hidden limits.
It is a ...
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As one of the co-founders at AI Scout, a platform for AI discovery, I've had the privilege (and challenge) of reviewing over 900 AI tools submitted to our directory. I've filtered these down to some of the top AI tools that I believe could bring value to startups and entrepreneurs.
It's worth noting that while these tools are great right out the ...
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I’m always interested in entrepreneurship and investing. I did it through, thankfully, having a good job, e-commerce, and investing in stocks, most of my friends are in the same circles, so I’m kind of curious about others. ...
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Me (23F) and my friends keep getting approached by a man in a suit, drunk as all hell, asking to see our “business cards” while making grabbing motions towards my chest and honking sounds with his mouth.
We tried to explain that we don’t want his business and asked if he was here alone but that only lead to a 40 minute tantrum about how difficul ...
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I was born in Ukraine in 1993, and when I was 3, we moved to Israel. Then, when I was 12, we moved to Toronto. Coming from Ukraine, my parents put me into math, science, and even programming classes before I was 10.
I was a pretty smart kid, and I was also really into sports, especially swimming and later, lifting weights. When I move ...
Hi all, my friend and I are making an app to track your monthly subscriptions. It provides a way for us consumers to
1. Get a quick overview of how much money is spent on subscriptions each month2. Get details on what bank/card the subscription charging3. Export your data to budgeting apps like YNAB
**How is it different from RocketMoney or M ...
In 2009, Stanford Professor Tina Seelig split her class into 14 teams, giving each team $5 and 2 hours to make as much ROI as possible. At the end, they were assigned to give a 3-minute presentation on their strategy.
The first team tried to buy items and flip them on the street for profit.
The second team realized the $5 was a distraction, s ...
hey guys!
i was having major FOMO with everything going on with AI. I'd like to share my humble attempt at creating something using the latest technologies which is more than just a simple wrapper around existing products.
I'd like to introduce: AI Diary!
It's like yo ...
Company Overview In 1911, three manufacturing businesses in Armonk, N.Y. Read More The post IBM – How a 100-Year-Old Company Can Still Reinvent Itself Through Growth Hacking first appeared on